Symposium 4: The Classification of Igbo Verbs

DATE: 26th and 27th NOVEMBER, 2012

Except for the well known tonological classifications into low, high and high-low tone verbs, the semantic classes of Igbo verbs have not been a major issue in Igbo linguistics. The only exception is Uwalaka's (1988) theses on a semantico-syntactic analyses of Igbo verbs. This has however remained a real exception, for not much has been done in this area since after her pioneering work. This year's symposium is therefore focused on a more thorough re-examination of the Igbo verb classes in line with the current state of research.

1. Emenanjo (UNIPOORT): Issues in the Classification of Igbo Verbs
2. Nkamigbo (UNIZIK): The Morphology and Tone Classes of Igbo Verbs
3. Ikegwuonu (ANSU): Locative Verbs
4. Prezi (DELSU): Motion Verbs
5. Egenti (UNIZIK): Experiential Verbs and SOS Verbs
6. Uchechukwu, P. (UNIZIK): Copula Verbs in Igbo
7. Uchechukwu, C. (UNIZIK): Modal Verbs
8. Emenanjo (UNIPORT): Auxiliary
9. Okeke (UNN): Reflexive and Reciprocal Verbs
10. Ezenwafor (UNIZIK) & Ezenwafor (AICE): Verbs of Quality
11. Mbah (UNN): Process Verbs
12. Chukwuogor (UNIZIK): Ditransitive Verbs
13. Mmadike (UNIZIK): Verbs of Speaking
14.  Uchechukwu, C. (UNIZIK): The Root Schema & Verbs of Perception
15. Oweleke (UNIPORT) & Uchechukwu, C. (UNIZIK): Lexiccographic Classification of Igbo Verbs
16. Uchechukwu, P. (UNIZIK): Deictic Verbs in Igbo and Spanish
17. Ezeodili (UNIZIK): Reflexive Verbs in French and Igbo
18. Ezeora (UNN): Active and Stative Verbs in German and Igbo