Series 5

Right from the beginning of Igbo language studies by the colonial linguists and up to the beginning of the 21st century the structure of the Igbo verb has often raised the issue of how to compare it with the verbs of the English language, especially with regard to the concept of transitivity. Generally, the efforts at such divisions have led to serious disagreements over the years. This state of affairs has gradually led to some Igbo language scholars being reluctant to re-examine the issue. As such a state of affairs can only lead to inertia, there is every need to take up the issue now and again. The essays in this volume constitute such an attempt.

Overview of Chapters:
1. Chinedu Uchechukwu – Introduction
2. E. Nọlue Emenanjọ - How Universal is Transitivity? Insights from some Nigerian languages
3. B.M. Mbah – When the Paradigm shifts
4. Victor Manfredi – Igbo transitivity in a derivational framework
5. Linda Chinelo Nkamigbo – Is Igbo a transitivizing or an intransitivizing language?
6. Ifunanya Chikelu Ezenwafor – Measuring the Igbo verbs of panting and harvesting along the transitivity scale
7. Chidinma Martha Egenti – Agent-Patient relation in children speech: insights from Igbo
8. Chuma Okeke – The applicability of the transitivity hypothesis to Igbo psychological verbs
9. Christiana Ngozi Ikegwuonu – Transitivity in Igbo: A study of ingestive verbs
10. Benjamin I. Mmadike – Igbo psych verbs and transitivity
11. Purity Ada Uchechukwu – transitivity of psych verbs in Spanish and Igbo.