Series 4

The traditional view is that extensional suffixes refer to those structures that extend the meanings of especially the verbs they are attached to. This explanation has generated, and continues to generate, some unease in  Igbo language studies. The source of the unease is the growing recognition that the various grammatical notions like modality, aspect, etc., expressed through the so-called extensional suffixes actually go beyond a mere semantic extension of the verbs. The present volume is a collection of essays that address some of the issues that have arisen in connection with the Igbo ‘extensional suffixes’.

Overview of Chapters:
1. Chinedu Uchechukwu – Introduction
2. E. Nọlue Emenanjọ - Extensional Suffixes: Markers of Lexicalization
3. M. Chibu Onukawa – Is the rV Applicative Suffix in Igbo an Extensional Suffix?
4. Chinedu Uchechukwu – Towards a Reclassification of the Extensional Suffixes: insights from Modality in Igbo
5. B.M. Mbah - Extension or Convergence?: an Alternative Analysis to the so called Extensional Suffixes in Igbo
6. Nweze Ifeoma M - Extensional Suffixes in Igbo Language: A Morpho- Syntactic Analysis
7. Chidinma Martha Egenti - The Morphosemantics of the Igbo Clitic =kwa
8. Esther N. Oweleke - The Treatment of Extensional Suffixes in Igbo Lexicography
9. Purity Ada Uchechukwu - Some Igbo Extensional Suffixes and their Spanish Equivalents