Series 1

The very first in the series, this is a collection of essays on how the part of speech preposition is realized in Igbo. The topics covered include: Prepositional notions in Igbo, the Igbo -rV Applicative suffix,. category Incorporated Preposition in Igbo and the Verbids in Igbo Grammar. Other issues also treated include the Prepositional Phrase in Igbo, the lexicographic Problems of the Igbo Preposition,comparison of French and Igbo Prepositions, Spanish and Igbo Prepositions, and German and Igbo Prepositions.

Overview of Chapters:
1. Uchechukwu, C. & Mbah, O.B.M. - Introduction
2. Emenanjo - The Expression of Prepositional Notions in Igbo
3. Mmadike – The Many Sides of the Igbo –rV Applicative Suffix
4. Mbah – Category Incorporated Preposition in Igbo
5. Uchechukwu, C. - The Categorical Status of Verbids in Igbo Grammmar
6. Mbah & Uchechukwu - Prepositional Phrases in Igbo
7. Okeke – Lexicographic Problems of the Igbo Preposition
8. Umu – Pedagogical Issues in Igbo Preposition
9. Elomba & Okolie – French and Igbo Prepositions: A Comparative Study
10. Uchechukwu, P. – The Realisations of the Spanish Preposition a in Igbo
11. Uchechukwu, C. & Ezeora, I.- German and Igbo Prepositions: An Excercise in the Search for Equivalents